February is definitely a month of romance. This year, Valentine’s day is so near to Chinese New Year, the celebration just got even bigger. For those who are not Malaysian, Malaysia is a multicultural country with a majority of Malay, Chinese and Indian populations. We love celebrating different festivals and sharing different cultures and customs. We will share our Chinese New Year celebrations in Malaysia on the next post, but first, we are going to celebrate our romance!! LOVE comes first!

If you have been busy studying or working, missing out life with your loved one, this is a chance to remind her that, SHE IS a PRECIOUS PRINCESS/QUEEN. She deserves all of you on this day! She has been doing the household chores and taking care of the family selflessly. NOWWWWWW, make her feel sexy and lovely! Our items in the shop are going to add some spice to this romantic night! We are having everything you need, from a sexy swimwear to gorgeous fashion accessories, which are not only going to make her feel pampered, but they are affordable! And for you ladies who have been working so hard, it’s ok to celebrate valentine’s day with your girlfriends or yourself. Pamper yourself with a beach holiday, and grab some of our swimwear to complement with your travels.

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Happy Valentine’s day, BustyB fam!!

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