Exciting Journey to Cebu & Lapu- Lapu City

On our second take at the Philippines, we would like to cover a different tourist destination, the one less travelled and less popular as compared to Boracay, but a lot more exciting and beautiful in our humble opinion.
And what is it you might ask? It’s none other than Cebu

Ah, Cebu Island. The tourist destination less travelled and less popular than Boracay, but a lot more exciting and beautiful in our humble opinions. There is something special about this island that has left a lasting impression in our minds, so much so that the very mention of it now gives us the itch to go back there once again. It could be the diving experience with whale sharks, canyon diving at Kawasan Falls or snorkelling in the crystal clear blue waters surrounding the island; either way the holiday experience is a long way off from Boracay despite both being tourist destinations for their beaches.

Picture this. Jumping off a boat in your snorkelling gear and swimming with whale sharks!!! This has got to be one of the main highlights of the island, not to be missed by visiting tourists. These gentle giants may grow up to a length of 10 metres, but don’t let their size scare you as they only feed on plankton and small fish.

A short 15-minute drive from whale watching in Oslob will take you to the rainforest where Tumalog waterfalls lie. Here you’ll be able to jump and swim in icy cold waters, or simply enjoy the massaging sensations of the water falling on your back. Head down south to Kawasan falls, famous for its canyon diving to get a thrill like no other. If you’ve always been envious of watching daredevils jumping off waterfall cliffs, then Kawasan falls is just the thing for you.

If high octane, thrill-seeking activities are not for you, perhaps enjoying the serenity of the calm seas would be better suited. There are many boats that you could charter for a day, and the tour guides will whisk you away to the popular spots for a quick swim or snorkel. Some will even offer to catch live sea urchins for you to sample. Yes, the same creatures that would cost an arm and a leg at your local Japanese restaurant. From the sea right into your belly, it cant get any fresher than this.

We had to walk a short distance to the isolated island where we had our feast. Really have to be careful with sea urchins! You might not want to step onto one of those (Ouch!).

Spider shell that we feast on, together with other seafood and chicken, on the isolated island.

Our hotel at Cebu

Bayfront Hotel Cebu

Our hotel at Lapu- Lapu City

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

It’s the priority we talk about =)

The beautiful pool where we had foam party one of the mornings!

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