When one mentions the beach, it is hard not to think of Boracay. And in all honesty, who wouldn’t? Look at the countless lists of top beaches in the world, and you’ll definitely find Boracay amongst the countdown. And with good reason too. It is a place of endless beauty, with sand so soft, it’s like a cradle lulling you to sleep amidst the tropical breeze when you lie on it.

Most of the island is blessed with soft sand beaches, but the main attraction would be focused on 3 stations; station 1 & 2 are located further up north and is the hub for most luxury hotels, bars and restaurants. Station 3 is located slightly down south and focuses on budget hotels and backpacker lodges. For the many luxury resorts situated along the beach, staying there gives you the opportunity to relax on designated stretches that are usually cordoned off, giving you more privacy. And privacy is a luxury on this beach. During the peak season of January to May, all three stations are teaming with people, and it’s hard to relax comfortably with so many people around.

No holiday will be memorable if the food does not meet the global trotter’s expectations, and Boracay does not disappoint. The island serves fresh and delicious seafood, cooked to perfection through the many different cooking styles that are offered. For the more budget conscious, a simple meal can go as low as USD 3 while a beer cost half of that. And while the price may be slightly higher compared to other tourist destinations, it is still affordable and well worth the price. Besides, no one likes a Scrooge while they are on holiday.

And while you’re not lazing on the beach soaking up the sun, perhaps a few beach activities would be of interest for the adrenaline junkies. One of the top things to experience in Boracay is cliff diving off Ariel’s point. A privately owned island that is open to visiting tourist, one may challenge the innate fear of heights by jumping off the cliffs from 5 different points. The tallest jump goes up to 15 metres, which can be quite a fall into the choppy sea below. If that does not appeal to you, perhaps a sunset cruise would be of better taste. Just ask one of the numerous touts that roam the three stations for their service and you’re good to go.

If you think that the nightlife on a tropical island would be non-existent, think again. Boracay is famous for its numerous bars and clubs, each offering different dance beats and cheap drinks to go with. If you’re unsure of which bar to patronise, then a bar hopping tour would do the trick. A great way to socialise, meet new people and have a good time while hopping from one bar to another. Plus, you’ll get a t-shirt to remember the event by.

You can check their website below: PubCrawl Boracay Homepage


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